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I am Shubham Ramdeo. I am a designer, writer and involved with many technical and humanity projects. Learn about me and myself here.

Latest Articles

7 Reasons why you should use GitHub Pages

28 October 2017 | internet new

Whether you are organizing large open source projects or writing a blog, GitHub pages is a wonderful thing to help you showcase your work on the internet all for free. Let’s learn how.

Speed up your slow Android Studio

21 October 2017 | android

Considering the features it does provides, Android Studio is the best but its worst on a low spec system! Let’s discuss some ways we can speed up Android Studio.

Secure Password in 8 Easy Steps

04 October 2017 | security

There is always a chance that your online accounts can be hacked. Let’s discuss how to make more secure passwords to keep them safe.

Moving to WordPress - My story !

11 February 2016 | blogging

That’s how I moved from blogger to self hosted WordPress !

How technology affected the life of people

07 November 2015 | social

That’s how technology has changed our lives !

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