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Hello ! I am trying to make more and more people aware of the power of the technology by making it easier to understand, helping them to find the solutions so that they can move forward and create something new. So with my passion of writing and love of discussing new ideas, I am here sharing whatever I am learning. I am Shubham Ramdeo.

You can wish me “happy birthday !” on 26th October. I live in a small town in India, and always surrounded by smartphones, computers and books. Being surrounded by such stuffs is the greatest gift nature has given to me. My father is a computer scientist so I got a very early access to the computers. At the age of 4, I was able to use computers very well ! Computers are not just a toy for me, they give me hand when I feel alone so you can say relation between me and computers is very intimate!!! I got no formal education yet in any of the fields I am connected to. It’s all self-taught and I love learning by myself. I was a very bad student in class, good at nothing, no sports, not so great scores but, at the age of 10, I became good at BASIC and LOGO like languages. So I was a hero at least in computer classes, but actually, a nerd! So being always isolated, communication is not the best skill I have, but that frustration came out in 2014 when I started this blog. I didn’t care if I am writing good or bad, but after some months, I really became passionate about writing.

Learning new things and then discussing that with you guys really makes me feel happy that I am bringing my contribution to the world and what a better reward can be if my writings are really helping you to find your answers. I just want to thank you all for the motivation I get from you to keep discussing with you.

Even if I am working alone, I am not lonely because of you all. Thank you for your friendship and your support.

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