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Photos, Rights and Social Networking Rights !

31 May 2015 | social

Let’s discuss how our pictures are being used on social sites.

We all use many social networking sites for sharing our photos. But do you know most of these sites are taking away your rights. But we do post our precious pictures in sake of likes and shares without noticing how our rights are being stolen. Lets see what most of...

DOS games anywhere ? How to install DOSBOX ?

23 May 2015 | tricks

Retro Gaming isn’t dead yet. Even DOS can be emulated to play your favorite games!

Most of us have played great games like Prince Of Persia and had run great apps like Turbo C++ on DOS ? They worked so good till Windows 98. After it, No full Screen in XP and then incompatible with Windows 7 and 8. Is this the end of these...

Is it possible to predict future ?

18 April 2014 | social

A brief history on the debate about predetermination, fate, fortune telling etc. Do this things really work ? What does the mathematics say ?

Non technical question. That’s what you are thinking right ? Nope ! Let me show you some interesting history you might don’t know, which involves mathematics and logic ! Future telling is one of the most important topics, our civilization has worked for centuries. At the beginning, man finds out...

How to increase torrent downloading speed ?

12 February 2014 | tricks

Some ways to increase your download speed.

We all use torrent as it’s a fast and great way to download big files across the different servers. But sometimes, torrent may become slower than regular downloads. Lets discuss some ways I use to increase downloading speed. Choosing the right torrent file You will find a lot of advertising...

Why C is the best Programming Language ?

07 February 2014 | programming

Why C language is great?

C is indeed the best programming language. Many languages arrived with a motive to become its alternative. But they cannot. Lets discuss the beauty of this language that made it so popular. My views about comparison of C with some other popular languages.The C Language was designed by Dennis Ritchie...

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