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Open Source in a minute !

02 February 2014 | social

There a lot of confusing options while choosing an open source license. Let’s take a quick look.

The more a person get into the world of computing and programming, more he gets to know about Open Source. But how you can join and get started with this cool term ? And how to submit your projects and contribute others ? Lets discuss. What is Open Source ?...

Starting a blog

22 January 2014 | blogging

Want to share your stuff with the world? Why not start a blog!

When it comes to start a blog, everyone finds blogging easy. There are many cool platforms that all have awesome tools to help you publish your best things to the internet. But at the same time, as there are many ways to start it, beginners find it hard and get...

Simple DIY Pickup to record musical instruments

14 January 2014 | diy

Let’s make a simple device to record your music!

A pickup is an electric device which can help you to record your musical instruments. It is connected to your instrument and a recording device like amplifier or computer. It translates the sound into electrical signals. There are a lot of such devices available in market, but here, let’s make...

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