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Welcome to the Newbie Programmer Series! This series is dedicated to those curious people who want to learn programming but have don't know where to begin. Here you will learn from very basics of computer science, from your first “Hello World” program to algorithms and much more.

Welcomes to the world of Programming

Starting from the very basics, from what a computer is to what is a programming language with proper analogies that would help you to relate real life problems. Building block by block to help you understand in an easy way.

Your Best Friend 'C'

Learn C programming Language from the beginning. It will help you clear all fundamental concepts of programming and will let you know how does a computer think.

...also you will know about the popular hide and seek game of semicolon ';' !

Build the fundamental concepts

Instead of learning languages, this book will help you to learn the logic of programming. How can you break real life problems into simpler steps and then let the computer do it for you. Once you get that, you can choose any language and any interest and start developing with you clear concepts about programming.

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I am Shubham Ramdeo. I love web designing, writing, and being involved with many technical and humanity projects. You can meet me at my site

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Introduction to Newbie Programmer Series Introduction to Computer The Computer Programming Language Setting up the Computer for Programming
 Lets Get Started !
Beginning C Programming Variables a Handbag ! Basic Variable types in C Basic Formatted Output Basic Formatted Input
Looping Repeating Concept Different Kinds of Loops Advanced concepts and trick with Loops
Operators, An Introduction Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Bitwise Operators Miscellaneous Operators and Operators Precedence
 Controlling the Flow
Flow Charts Conditional Statements Using Goto and Label Break and Continue the loops Switch the Cases Some Practical Applications of Control Flow
 The program structure
The program Structure Functions More Concepts of Functions Scope of the Variables across functions How the C language itself Works ? Scope of the Variables across files Static Variables Auto and Register Variables #define PreProcessor Some more PreProcessors
 Arrays and Structures
Introduction to Arrays Arrays, some more Concepts Arrays, Cool Examples Structures Introduction Structure, Some more Concepts Structure, Some Examples
 File Management
Basics of File management in C Steps Involved with File Handling in C
Inside Logic Gates – The Electronic Logic Binary Number System Mathematical Reasoning