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Newbie Programmer Series
Newbie Programmer Series
Introduction to Newbie Programmer Series
Introduction to Computer
The Computer Programming Language
Setting up the Computer for programming
Beginning C programming
Variables a handbag to store data!
Basic Variable Types in C
Basic Formatted Output
Basic Formatted Input
Looping Repeating Concept
Different kinds of loop
More concepts and tricks with loops
Operators Introduction
Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators
Miscellaneous Operators and Operator Precedence
Flow Charts
Using conditional statements, the if else
Using Goto and Label
break and continue the loops
Switch the Case
Some Practical Applications of Control Flow
The Program Structure
More Concepts of Functions
Scope of the variables Inside outside of a function
How the C language itself works ?
Scope of the Variables Across Files
Static Variables
Auto and Register Variables
#define Preprocessor
Introduction of Arrays
Arrays some more concepts
Arrays Some cool examples
Structure Introduction
Structure more concepts
Structure some Examples
Basics of File Management in C
Steps involved with file handling in C
Inside Logic GatesThe Electronic Logic
Binary Number System
Mathematical Reasoning