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Newbie Programmer

It is a free series of blog posts about learning programming from zero. If you are a newbie, this one will clear all your concepts.


It's a simple framework for faster and beautiful responsive sites. Even this site is also built with Beauter.

{ ; } BOL

BOL stands for .base -object _layer. Its a design methodology to help you do designing in a human friendly way.


Hand made icon sets, built on 8x8 pixel plan. These are very simple icons build for sweet projects. Specially designed for retro designs.


This is my personal tiny chess engine I built while teaching myself artificial intelligence, obfuscation and optimization.


This is a collection of commonly used C Macros I found on internet, and as suggested by my friends. Quite dangerous to use by the way...


This site. Here you might find some good articles about some common cause and effects that are happening in the world.

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