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I am Shubham Ramdeo. I am a blogger, a writer, occasional photographer, and a geek. I am involved with a lot of technical projects, and building a life of freedom.

I do freelance writing and web designing work. But with the starting of 2019, I have decided to become a full time blogger.

I own two blogs. This one and fuddlepixel.com which is all about technology and programming.

About this Blog

This blog, one of my works, I write weekly self-help kinda articles that could help people like me to come out of their issues. Basically, this website holds all of my experiences.

My articles will focus about the things I am learning and experiencing. So if you are interested in any of the following:

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My Story... till now...

Everything began with this blog. I used to write tech blogs, about geeky products and programming. Later I started a series called Newbie Programmer which went successful and helped a lot of people to learn basic programming skills.

[Old Bio... since 2015]
Hello! I am trying to make more and more people aware of the power of the technology by making it easier to understand, helping them to find the solutions so that they can move forward and create something new. So with my passion for writing and love of discussing new ideas, I am here sharing whatever I am learning. I am Shubham Ramdeo.


I got lost into tech and some nonsense stuff! To find myself back, I then started using Instagram to see the other sides of myself. And so I later went on to found these two platforms for myself!


I created a small team with my friends, and we all build websites, do designing work, and create tools related to them. Just a creative platform for us. Beauter is one of our successful products by the way! Basically, this is where I mix my experience and skills to craft something useful.


This is a learn programming from zero Brand, As I am too much involved with technology, I keep updating myself, learning new things, and also love to share what I learned. So I created this separate website where I share content to help newbies learn computer programming from zero. Basically, this website holds all of my skill-based knowledge.



Either I live like nomads, or am going to be. I make money, I spend it in traveling and collecting books. And specially travelling with my friends. I love visiting places with cultural and historical importance, and wherever natur's beauty resides. Any place where I can see mountains, clouds and greenary, that's already on my to-visit list! Only that way my mind gets the most content to prepare my future content and books.


I love to adore nature. While travelling, using my basic Moto G4S+ Camera and Aviary Editor, I have created some awesome photographs that will inspire you. These are also available only on the instagram.


Just like these photographs and writings, I post most inspiring amazing content on Instagram and remain active.



This blog, and than that blog, and then those sites, and then those post and... I just keep writing all the day.

Obviously blogging was the first expriment, but then since last year, I tried to explore the poetic side which I am so happy with! Checkout my instagram to see more of my writings there. I write text posts and captions there accompained with beautiful photography that colors my word.

... and still crafting!

What's next

The above things are just the beginning steps. It has been 2 years that I took all these seriously. With the beginning of 2019, I have decided to become a full time blogger, and live my life building the content and softwares that I always wanted to build. Let's see how much I can #achieve.

Come along
my Journey

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