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Why blogging is so wonderful!

It’s been 4 years I am try-storming different aspects of blogging and my interest keep on increasing that I am finally closing down other uninteresting works and focus more on blogging this time.

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Is it possible to predict future?

Non-technical question. That’s what you are thinking right? Nope! Let me show you some interesting history you might don’t know, which involves mathematics and logic!

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How technology affected our Lives? Happy being Busy?

I spend most of my time with electronic devices, my smartphone and laptop. Everyone does the same. Because technology has changed the way we solve our problems. Some people are in favor of this, some are against. According to them, technology has made us more disconnected. Even in the same room, on the same table, we have smartphones in our hands.

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Secure Password in 8 Easy Steps

There is always a chance that your online accounts can be hacked. Let’s discuss how to make your password more secure to keep your accounts safe!

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Dokkodo: The way of walking alone – Part 1

But just a week before he died, he shared his final wisdom called “Dokkodo”, containing 21 percepts to go forth alone, dedicated to his favorite disciple, Terao Magonojo, let us discuss what Musashi wanted to say as his final words.

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What I learned from Gary Vee’s Crush it!

Here are my detailed views on the methods explained in the book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. The book takes you to explore the power of your passion, whatever it is, and to make that passion into a money-making engine. Continue reading this post to find out how he does that.

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80/20 Pareto Principle, boss of all efficiency wisdom

If there one single rule that you can apply anywhere in your life to #achieve maximum effect on your work, to get it done efficiently, it’s this Pareto principle. Named after Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto, the Pareto principle is commonly known as the 80/20 principle.

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Routine, Schedule and Habits never work for some of us!

This is seriously an issue for me too! I tried experimenting with my routine. And I am not able to sleep for the last 3 nights! Over the last 5 years, the only regular thing I do is this: Creating a routine every Sunday, and trying hard, even praying, to start following it from Monday.

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What is happiness? What a trip with my friends taught me.

Having a cup of ice-cream in my hands in the midnight, I just got reminded of a question about happiness I ask myself so frequently.

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Making that Jump! Welcome ‘back’ to my blog

Seems like I got my inspiration back again after understanding the point of Gary Vee's "Document vs Create". Actually, I read a lot of books. A lot of self-help, motivation, psychology, and philosophy stuff. And I can just talk about these the whole day. So I thought, why don't I share on the internet how am I improving myself and my life. Documenting my own personal journey of knowing self?

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