What I learned from Crush it! - By Gary Vee

By Shubham Ramdeo

Updated on Feb 8, 2020, Published on Sep 12, 2018

What I learned from Crush it! - By Gary Vee

I am actually a new follower of his content, and as soon as I got my chance, I got his books. Crush It! is really a book you should read word-by-word to get hyped and proud of your work and passion. It motivates you to HUSSLE and to make a living out of your passion. Many people say it is an old book, 2009, but the wisdom you gain from this book is ageless! He indeed is, your favorite Entrepreneur’s, favorite Entrepreneur.

Living the Passion

Gary starts by explaining how passion is everything. Every one of us has something deep inside us, about which we can talk for hours, and thinking about that takes your sleep. The game is changing, instead of doing jobs you hate and working about the things which are nonsense for you, if you can just hit on your passion, you can sell it, and make a life living your passion.

And it is not something unusual, the author predicted that, but now we can really see bloggers and YouTubers etc are living their passions. They are happy and are providing valuable content to the society. The thing is that society is on social media. And if you can use that the right way, you capture the market. And the best part is, social media is open, free and equally available to everyone, thanks to the internet. So it’s all up to you and your content.

Therefore finding your passion is very important otherwise you won’t be able to provide the valuable content. Everybody is telling something about some stuff on the internet, so to compete, its the content you can provide, which is indeed the expression of your passion.

Why personal brand matters

Whether you want a job or clients for your business, you need a résumé. But, but… your own personal brand is the résumé of this age. This is not an era where to submit a paper, listing some degrees, crying “please hire me”. Now it is all about creativity, and content is everywhere. This is what you do on social media, any photographer would truly believe it, his résumé or his Instagram profile, what is actually bringing more value.

Even if you are broke, having a portfolio of your work, showing yourself as a brand, you can easily get anywhere, as your work says aloud everywhere on the internet “This is my work, do you want me?”, and be honest, how most employees are getting hired these days? Through the internet, LinkedIn probably, don’t you think that client or employer can’t click once more to get to your site and see what is this person actually doing?

How to make a personal brand

Simple. By creating content, that your heart dies for. There is always more to give than to take, especially on the internet, the knowledge and information can never be enough. So how do you offer your content?

Make great content, and increase the trust and authority over your content. Transparency plays a very important role on the internet. It simply takes a user two more clicks on google to confirm if what you are saying is true or valuable. So keep the stuff very real. Accept your mistakes, say sorry, and never accept critics, if you believe you don’t deserve.

By the way, people are making so much so much nonsense content, that users are dying for something, even of a little value. So here it’s your chance.

Cream always rises my friends, no matter how many cups of coffee you pour. - Gary Vaynerchuk

Here are the steps

In a simple general way, I can summarise as follows:

  1. Think of a name you can give to your brand. Don't over think, just make it sure it's available, I took my own name by the way.
  2. Setup a website for that. Buy a domain name, servers etc. If you find that costly, there are many services that offer you free services like wordpress.com, wix.com etc.
  3. Choose your medium properly, to write blogs, or to make YouTube vlogs, or even both and build social media accounts, start by posting some valuable content first, so that while building your first audience, people have some stuff to judge.
  4. Connect everything, Adding your website link to social pages, and "follow me" social buttons on your site.
  5. Make it sure that your content distributes properly. Having email newsletters or push notifications on android apps, it's all based on what and how you are delivering. Use services like buffer which provides posting content on multiple networks.
  6. Now its the most important step, to start building your community. Follow the relevant people on your network who are doing it right, find the top brands (your competitors in a way), and comment your honest opinions, no spam bullshit, on their contents and forums related to your work.
  7. Once you find that you have created an audience, a tribe or community, who trust your content and are stuck to you, start getting advertisers and affiliations for the things that your audience might be interested about. Adsense for ads and Amazon for affiliations are the most popular choices, but you can also reach the companies directly.
  8. You can also create your own products, say ebooks or courses, everybody has something valuable, to teach. Or even your own merchandise like T-Shirts, selling photography, or even give consultancy if your content proves you are smart.
  9. Just think as if you need something valuable about that passion of yours and offer that value, keep on HUSSLE!

I cannot explain everything in this blog so you have to stay connected to this blog until I unfold everything.

Caring is the biggest marketing strategy

In the book, Gary Vee says something very important that I really took to my heart. That legacy is important than currency. After some years, you will see an engine, a brand, that you created, for yourself and your passion, that truly expresses your vision and provided values to the likes of you. Can you feel how much great that would make you feel?

Caring for your users and your customers is the only way they would stay stick with you. It is not about being a social slave, it is all about what makes them say thanks to you.

I want to optimize the size of this post so I did it really quick. But I will make it sure to discuss each step in detail. I will guide you to select your medium and platform, and the different ways monetizing can be done over that. Follow me on Instagram @ramdeoshubham to get the latest updates, or not, but I will post here!

But still, I would strongly suggest that if you really want to take your passion into something serious in the real world, be sure to read this book, it’s a short read, 150 pages, with limitless wisdom and great examples.

Stay Connected! :)

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