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Routine, Schedule and Habits never work for some of us!

08 August 2018 · by Shubham Ramdeo · 3 mins read

This is seriously an issue for me too! I tried experimenting with my routine. And I am not able to sleep for the last 3 nights! Over the last 5 years, the only regular thing I do is this: Creating a routine every Sunday, and trying hard, even praying, to start following it from Monday.

Yes, I did try from Saturday too. That’s also not working. Then I thought of a different perspective. Completely excluding those who have routine, I am asking those who are like me, having no order in life, isn’t this our personal quality?

I mean like, we can also feel proud in that, we are not robots. We are intuitive! We take decisions at the moment, and we certainly don’t need a routine that decides for us. I strongly believe that the only power a human being has is the ability to make choices. If a person loses that to routine and habits, how can he develop his instincts?

But Shubham there is a thing called 'discipline'

I know. But tell me one thing, do you need any discipline to develop to do your favorite thing? Ever saw a child practicing discipline to play outside? He only has to struggle with the things he hates (studies I guess?). Not what we love.

Isn't the word 'discipline' a forceful tactic, brain washing self to feel great doing what you hate to do?

I think wherever you are forcing yourself half-assed, that’s just a burden. And that needs not to be carried. To save a relationship, you have to carry a burden. I understand that kind of thinking. But there is also a sense of happiness there. That the relationship is growing. That’s something you do like to have.

But what if there is no likable outcome of your huge effort of training self like a robot?

What's the solution?

A friend of mine told me that we are so fixed on our values that to develop any habit, we need at least 21 days to develop a habit. We always hate at the beginning but we have to keep on trying for 21 days at least.

I search on Google, it scared me by the way…

routine and habits take 21 days

I don’t know. I tried and tested again and again over myself, I just cannot bind myself, sticking to certain paper, that tells me what to do.

I usually ask my friends to keep me on track, keep reminding me to get carried away much. Yet recently Asphalt 9 launched and I liked its multiplayer club features and…

Know the great value of little things

I believe that it’s about understanding the values. Whatever we want to do, we want to do that because of some big reason, something big that we want to achieve.

We need to think to the core, to remind self why do we want this burden, how much importance a simple task is having.

Getting up early is the biggest challenge for me if I take it as a task. But thinking about why I want to get up early, how much impact it can have on my life, on my health and work, it does give me some victory picture.

There are dirty things we think are dirty and we don't do that. Ever saw your mother washing your dirty clothes and plates for you? Because she thinks about the big picture. She knows wearing washed clothes, eating in washed plates will make you, her child, happy. If an old mother can do that, not for self but for others, why can't you get up early and do Yoga, for your own, it's not that dirty? Think about the big picture, as your mother does.

I can only hope for myself that someday my mother would be proud of me, for me getting up early from the bed, sleeping on time. Just a fantasy. I mean, what’s wrong in sleeping late?

Share your experience. Maybe we can find something useful. Till then, stay connected.


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