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In this page, I am trying to list some of my works that defines me. I like to spend most of my time thinking or imagine things. But as I developed technical skills through a very early age, I try to mix everything with geeky ways. I basically write and code. Writing blogs or content, and build websites and tools. That's just starting, I am still figuring out more things that I should practice. Learn more about me here.



This blog, one of my works, I write weekly self-help kinda articles that could help people like me to come out of their issues. Basically, this website holds all of my experiences.


See fuddlepixel.com website.
This is a learn programming from zero Brand, As I am too much involved with technology, I keep updating myself, learning new things, and also love to share what I learned. So I created this separate website where I share content to help newbies learn computer programming from zero.
Basically, this website holds all of my skill-based knowledge.


See outboxcraft.com website.
I created a small team with my friends, and we all build websites, do designing work, and create tools related to them. Just a creative platform for us. Beauter is one of our successful products by the way!
Basically, this is where I mix my experience and skills to craft something useful.

Project works


See beauter.outboxcraft.com website.
Beauter is one of my best projects and the most successful for me. It is a simple and free opensource website designing framework to create beautiful sites.


See icoji.outboxcraft.com website.
Just for fun, me and Navneet Vyas (Outboxcraft Team) created a set of 100 icons all made up of 16x16 pixelated beauty! Check them out, they are cute.


Play ramdeoshubham.com/chess website.
While I was studying AI and Obfuscation, I created a simple chess engine in C. Here I present an online Javascript version of that chess with inbuilt GUI too.


See ramdeoshubham.com/macros website.
A simple header file that contains some commonly used C macros. They are tricky! May cause errors but fun to play with. Just to show the usefulness of C preprocessors.


See ramdeoshubham.com/scraft website.
A dead simple LINUX command line utility to do string manipulation on text files.
(I am adding more work… after setting their pages properly… kinda like, the first impression is the last impression… LOL)


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