Hello, World!

I am Shubham Ramdeo. I am a blogger, a writer, occasional photographer, and a geek. I am involved with a lot of technical projects, and building a life of freedom.

I do a lot of writing and designing work. Day by day I am getting more and more attracted to art and aesthetics.

About this Blog

This blog, one of my works, I write weekly self-help kinda articles that could help people like me to come out of their issues. Basically, this website holds all of my experiences.

My articles will focus about the things I am learning and experiencing. So if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Self Help and Motivation
  • Blogging and Content Crafting
  • Philosophy and Psychology
  • ... fun travel stories with friends and Nature

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Either I live like nomads, or am going to be. I make money, I spend it in traveling and collecting books. And specially travelling with my friends. I love visiting places with cultural and historical importance, and wherever natur's beauty resides. Any place where I can see mountains, clouds and greenary, that's already on my to-visit list! Only that way my mind gets the most content to prepare my future content and books.


I love to adore nature. While travelling, using my basic Moto G4S+ Camera and Aviary Editor, I have created some awesome photographs that will inspire you. These are also available only on the instagram.


Just like these photographs and writings, I post most inspiring amazing content on Instagram and remain active.



This blog, and than that blog, and then those sites, and then those post and... I just keep writing all the day.

Obviously blogging was the first expriment, but then since last year, I tried to explore the poetic side which I am so happy with! Checkout my instagram to see more of my writings there. I write text posts and captions there accompained with beautiful photography that colors my word.

... and still crafting!

© Shubham Ramdeo, 2020
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