Projects & Works

I love to learn. And but knowledge has no use if it cannot be applied. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with many projects both personal and professional to test what I learn.


The biggest thing I have build is my own workshop called Outboxcraft where I with my friends craft stuff out of the box!


I created and is the sole maintainer of Beauter, a mobile first, responsive and modifies most of the default styles to guarantee same behavior everywhere.


I helped creating a pixelated font set called icoji with vysnvnt

BOL Methodology

bol is designed on purpose that new developers of a project can understand the code easier, while css remains logical.


Macros.H is a collection of commonly used C Macros I found on internet, and as suggested by my friends. Using C Macros, we can extend C with a lot of useful functionality.

Thug of Life

This was mine and vysnvnt’s first game, we prepared it for Community Game Jam 2019. This game was built in 7 days with only Free tools.

Chess Engine

A Chess Engine is being written by me just for fun to study Artificial Intelligence, Obfuscation and Optimization Techniques, and to beat some of my friends at chess using programming!

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