What is happiness? What a trip with my friends taught me.

PUBLISHED Aug 5th, 2018

Having a cup of ice-cream in my hands in the midnight, I just got reminded of a question about happiness I ask myself so frequently.

What is happiness? What a trip with my friends taught me.

What is happiness? Why butterscotch makes me happy and vanilla doesn’t that much?

It’s Sunday and I am really missing all of my friends. Let me tell you a recent story. I have never shared any personal story ever, but this one I want too, dedicating to my friends. Just a travelog.

When bugs reach your head

A month ago, as always, I was busy with my software bugs. And more than that, I got stuck in my psycho 👻. So instead of solving loops in codes, I go round in them. And my friends found that very easily.

My question was, what’s happiness? Why would someone like vanilla and not butterscotch? The personal preference you say? Where did this come from? Isn’t it that we all are born equally? Personal experience you say? What if change the memories?

All my friends are so practical, but they never hate my hypothetical super senses! (I wonder how they cooperate).

Being busy with my work, I kept thinking and thinking.

Sometimes, all you need in your life is a little refreshment. Just a RESET button that you can press and the things adjust itself back.

These are my friends. But they are auto reset…

Trip to Udaipur

After a week of nonsense discussion, one morning, they came, picked me up into their car, and took me on a ride to Udaipur. Cutting me off from all the internet and tech stuff!

Without any plans, I got to see my favorite place in Rajasthan. Udaipur! They know I love lakes and gardens. And Udaipur is the best city for that in Rajasthan.

We took the wrong paths, the longer one, adored midnight highways, enjoyed the sunrise, and finally reached. We were totally dependent on Google Maps. And the GPS you know… It took us four rounds on the same road to reach out the first destination.

Sahelliyon ki baari at Udaipur
Sahelliyon ki baari at Udaipur (c) Shubham Ramdeo

Anyways, we explored Udaipur, it was beautiful. Well decorated, like a bride. Cool and lovely city. They took me to all the places I wanted to see. It was like a present for me.

Except for one thing, they didn’t let me drive their car. I wanted to try Asphalt and Need For Speed on a real car, also wanted to use Nitro. But they said there is no Nitro or RESET button on the car, so you can’t drive otherwise we all will go knocked out forever. And put me into the back seat.


Coming back is another story. We hit a stone, we broke our tire, we were late, so had to speed up, and traffic was not allowing us.

What's the point of this Kinder Gardner fun? Did you find Happiness?

The point is, even if it was just a one day trip, after coming back, I had my mind at peace. Not because of having wisdom, but because… I forgot to think about the question!

I started discovering that the fewer questions I ask about normal things more easy and happy the life is. It’s the doubt that makes things complex. I had a completely new perspective. Things shorted out. Software bugs removed.

And then I got the answer too.

That the question was wrong. You don't need reason to be happy. It's a feeling not a physics principle that needs reasoning and logics.

Butterscotch makes me happy. Because it gives me a feeling of happiness. Asking things like why butterscotch? And why not vanilla is a nonsense.

Sad people think that way because they don't want to believe they are happy. They want reasoning behind that. They want papers that can prove and confirm that yes they deserve to be happy.

They said a car doesn’t have a RESET button if you hit, you lose. But my life does have. My friends. If I ever hit. It will be auto-RESET. And I always feel so lucky for that.

The impact was so much that I started thinking about bringing this dead blog back to life and here it is. Read that story here: Making that Jump! Welcome back to my blog.

By the way, the nice pics of myself, at least I guess so, I am having these days on my social profile are actually of these trip.

But Shubham I don't have any friends?

That’s not correct. You can say you have not found any friends yet. Start with your parents. Your siblings and then to school and workplace. I also got my besties late in life. There is always someone who respect you for who you are. And love you for what you are. If you are not finding that person, means you are rare, and that friend is rare too. And you know what, rare is hard to find, but it’s costly!

Just like me and you are. It takes the effort to preserve something that costly. There must be something that made you read this long post up to here. That’s what made me happy, that’s what called friendships.

Happy Friendship Day. And I hope that all of us grow stronger, with our unbreakable friendships together.

So… Stay connected.

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