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PUBLISHED Jan 22nd, 2014

Want to share your stuff with the world? Why not start a blog!

When it comes to start a blog, everyone finds blogging easy. There are many cool platforms that all have awesome tools to help you publish your best things to the internet. But at the same time, as there are many ways to start it, beginners find it hard and get confused from where to start ? So let’s discuss blogging.

What is a blog ?

A blog is a place where you can write and post, your own day-to-day life related things. Its your own newspaper, or magazine where you are the publisher. Blogs can be used to tell stories, social awareness, teaching people what you know, sharing your incidents, there are many ways to use it. Not only words, you can make a blog for showcasing your photography skills, your cartoons, your animations it’s all on you how you use it.

Why blog ?

Well if you are asking technically why to blog then its easier to maintain then any other such thing. You can edit, manage do whatever you want and for all these things, there a various good tools available. Everything can be managed with clicking the button. Now why you should do something like blogging is because its fun to do and at the same time, you can help and influence a lot of people. You can share your personal experience or your knowledge. You may focus a particular subject and should write about that and it will really help a lot of people who are in need.

Can I earn ?

Yes Absolutely. There are many bloggers (who writes a blog) who are making their living through blogging. If the quality of content you provide to the internet worth reading, you can to make great money. At least you can pay some extra bills.

There are many ways you can earn via blogging :

  • Putting advertisements on your blog
  • Giving paid services
  • Starting a premium membership
  • Selling E-books

The thing is that, blogging is a tool through which you can connect new people who are interested in your content. And then you can showcase your other products to them.

But for the real earning, you have to be very hardworking, dedicated and requires a lot of patience as it will take time to reach a good position. But once reached, boom !

Where to Start ?

Blogging is free and easy to start. You just have to choose some platform, add some tools to it, customize and bang ! Publish your first article.

Best platforms to get your own free blog is:

Blogger WordPress Tumblr are best

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

Blogger and WordPress both have outstanding performance on internet, and have powered most of the blogs. They can do what you whatever you want. But there are some very little but important differences between them.

Blogger or blogspot

Positive Side :

  1. Powered by Google.
  2. It gives you a very easy to use blogging settings. Everything is free and customization can be made to any level.
  3. On blogspot you can easily embed your Google AdSense account to show ads on your blog and make money.
  4. Great for beginners as many templates designs, widgets are available for free and are easy to set up. Its old so you can find a lot of help online.
  5. You can code your own template and make your site the way you wanted.

Negative Side :

1. Google is removing many popular contents of themselves so there is a risk of blogger being removed. Google is already not giving any updates to its app regarding blogspot. 2. Google takes complaints very seriously and will delete your blog as soon as they get any complain. Getting back your blog is too hard as now a days google don’t have a direct customer service. 3. Google will not show any content from your blog if it’s not a post. 4. By default, its ugly, so you need to have some internet and programming knowledge to set up blogspot as the way you want but most of the bloggers are not related to computer field and they might fill it hard to do. Checkout []( [My old blog was based on blogspot (here)]( ## [WordPress]( Positive side : 1. It is open source. Technically far advanced and optimized than any other platform. You can either host on [](, a commercial free hosting service or use []( on your own hosting, an open source needs to be installed on your hosting servers for free. 2. All the problems with blogger has been solved here. 3. Its active so you can trust on its future development and also get your problems solved. 4. It’s easy to manage from your smartphone too. Negative side: 1. It’s difficult to install and manage []( for a beginner. Getting hosting and servers etc is like a business issue and do not suitable for newbies and non technicians. 2. To use the easy and free option of [](, Its free up to hosting only. For most of the services, you have to pay and can’t use many premium services, adding tools etc. 3. For adding ads to [](, you have to share your profit with them. 4. WordPress has now emerge as a commercial market so you have to buy themes and widgets if you don’t like the free ones. Checkout []( My blog is already being maintained using ## [Tumblr]( It’s a great platform for “Just blogging, Just for fun !” like people. It can be used for micro blogging. You can post almost anything, its easy to use, like twitter. Its trend is for short micro blogs only but can be customized for your own purpose too. I would recommend to use tumblr as a cross blogging alternative to redirect traffic to your original blog as hosted on one of the above platforms. This is the platform for non technician. This is as easy as using Facebook. Its growing very fast. You can start using it with a second.

Checkout tumblr

You can see my tumblr blog (here)


I would say first start with Blogger, use all the other social sites to build audience and traffic. After getting popular and you are sure that blogging is gonna be a part of one of your professional life, switch to, setup a domain and hosting and become professional. Use Tumblr for cross marketing and/Or if you are concerned with micro blogging.

Thanks for reading this. If you like this, please share it with your friends. Stay connected for more. If you have any doubt, just comment below your question and I will answer it. 🙂

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