Why you might not need email optins

PUBLISHED Apr 27th, 2020

It is when I was coding this piece of design for my programming blog.

Yes you get it right, it is a lead generator email optin lead generator box. It’s work is to bait your readers to let them give you their email address in exchange of something valuable. Like an e-book, or checklist.

Such content are called gateway products. A quality content or product is locked behind a form. A form which asks you your email address as a key to provide what’s meant for them.

I was no revolutionary yet, as I was developing the same thing for my programming blog.

I worked on a book to help you decide which programming languages and technologies you should be learning in order to proceed further in your dream field of computer science.

I was going to offer that book for free in exchange of email address.

But then it hits me. I honestly started what I would do if were would look at this email optin.

  1. Subscribe to the email list.
  2. Confirm and download the PDF if I can get it immediately.
  3. Forgot the whole story!
  4. Occasionally deleting and unsubscribing from the email list near the end of the month.

If I really do love a blog, then this is what I do.

  1. Bookmark it.
  2. Drop the articles links to my friend’s chats so that we can discuss.
  3. And remember it as “that guy wrote a nice article on that blog”.
  4. Still have no memory about the email optins and PDF etc.

Exactly this is what I am doing with hundreds of other blogs I read from!

The main thing is that, it’s the content of the article which makes decide “oh that’s nice”.

And once it hits, my mind becomes a subscriber. They no longer need my email or anything. I keep visiting those sites by myself.

So I was a bit confused. Should I bother building popups and forms after forms to just grab the email addresses of the users?

So I searched for the views of the bloggers I believe in, and these were the articles which inspired me.

The above two articles were enough for me to let me understand. You don’t need to read them, I will be covering up here, just for reference.

After then sharing these links with you, it became more clear! Let me tell you.

I am not their email subscriber. I googled and as I saw their name, I read the whole article. Because my mind was subscribed to their content. I know they write honest and useful posts.

And then I shared these same articles with you. I simply explosed their posts to my viewers. And the same thing might have been repeated for them.

I usually reach these wonderful articles mostly by SEO, and then by social media. But never through email.

I went on to confirm the same with a dozen friends of mine, and they all do the same thing. Download the PDF for email optin, and then forget the story.

Not at all. It is very true that emails are the currency of the internet and is required to send your users the updates.

But the difference is, grabbing their email by force VS they want to give you their email.

And even if you grab it anyhow, like they are fool enough, truely not. They will download the stuff and forget you if you want.

Instead of this, if they like your work, they will be more than pleased to give you their email because they want future updates from you.

So this is what I am going to do now!

By the time you have read this post, you will see a email subscription box below.

No gateway contents from now. If I want to give something, I will give it right away. Because it costs my creativity.

I have to think like “What if I build it this way, so that I can get more subs?”. This sucks!

It is going to be simple. If a reader of my content wants weekly updates about all the content I have done for the week, they can go on and sign in. If they don’t want, then it’s no problem. The free ebooks, will remain free, and will not cost even your email address.

honesty is the best policy! And grabbing emails is the worst one!!!

So the bet I am making is that, I will try going the no-form method. No popups, no lead generator. And see challenge myself to write good things so that my content also get shared by genuine readers with theirs friends.

I will focus more on the writing and content, and technically on SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Let us see what comes out in the future. I will keep this post updated with the results.

What’s your point about this whole story? Do you still believe email popups are necessary? Comment below! And yep… Stay connected :)

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