How to increase torrent downloading speed ?

PUBLISHED Feb 12th, 2014

Some ways to increase your download speed.

We all use torrent as it’s a fast and great way to download big files across the different servers. But sometimes, torrent may become slower than regular downloads. Lets discuss some ways I use to increase downloading speed.

Choosing the right torrent file

You will find a lot of advertising sites for torrents, they may even ask for money saying that paid subscription have better speed but don’t trust them, trust me and simply lookup at some great search engines.

You must use It does not have any files but has links to other search engines, such as, kickasstorrents, piratebay, torrentcrazy or use them

utorrent is one of the best torrent clients

directly as they have large user base so contain best quality and rated torrents. For anime and manga, use

For any search, you will many files for a single thing, how to compare them ? Well its simple.

Torrents with highest Seeds/Peers is best. Also check how many people are downloading it. If there are more current downloaders than the seeders than it will be slow. Choose a torrent whose seeds/peers are more and active downloads are less.

Also checkout the users comments and ratings over that file. If the its is bad, fake or very slow, there would be some comment about it. This really saves you from fake files.

Setting the right settings !

Best clients I would personally recommend is utorrent, everywhere but ttorrent for mobile devices. These both are great and have all the important settings you would need to control. I have personally tried to download same file multiple times with different clients and found these two are really great !

Based on your client, use these settings :

  1. When you add the torrent, check “Skip hash checking”.
  2. Keep the download on “Force Start”.
  3. Set both the downloading and uploading bandwidths to unlimited.
  4. Enable Local Peer Check if available.
  5. Disable active seeding.
  6. Allow only 1 active download.

There is one more thing to do is that these clients actually uses “trackers” to track its seeders and get data from there, resulting in increase in downloading speed. For a particular torrent file, these trackers are already set. But there may be more unnoticed trackers that may add more seeds. So search something like “torrent trackers list” and you will find lists of some links, copy and add them as trackers and restart. I found some here.

Another funny step, I take is that, under Windows :

  1. Close everything. Use firewalls to allow only your client to access internet.
  2. Open task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del), End all the unwanted process and then increase your torrent client’s efficiency to Real Time.

Taking all these steps together really increase up my downloading speed to 1.5x !

If I found more such ways, I will add more. But if you already know some other tricks, please comment below, I will add them here by your name.

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