Why blogging is so wonderful!

PUBLISHED Nov 25th, 2018

It’s been 4 years I am try-storming different aspects of blogging and my interest keep on increasing that I am finally closing down other uninteresting works and focus more on blogging this time.

Why blogging is so wonderful!

But why bother? I what can be the reasons that can make anyone do blogging? The simple answer is, it is wonderful. For those who are already blogging knows this.

Blog as a journal

I actually keep my blogs as a journal. As long as I am learning something new daily, I always have something interesting to tell others.

Not only this keeps your content running, but also help you to set and achieve the goals of your wish.

Say, for example, you are fat. And you want to keep yourself healthy. So you begin your journey by collecting knowledge and steps you need to take to be healthier. You are obviously going to learn a lot about all the health stuff from different sources like social media, Wikipedia, other blogs, books etc.

How about having an online journal where you are simply talking about what you truly love to talk about. Being Healthy and Fit!

This obviously works only when you have something that you are passionate and curious enough to think and explore. As a learner, and as a person who wants to help others to be aware of the ways that you have gone through.

For my two blogs, this one,, I actually keep records of my own self-development and philosophy stuff. If I like some cool trick or have some words about the lifestyle to share, I just write something. This blog is like my diary. I write when I feel something cool about something.

The other one,, I keep the record of programming and technology stuff that I am learning or interest about. After all, I am a geek and involved with mostly the web development work, I have a lot of cool things to share with everyone.

Professional opportunities

It is the time where you stand out of the crowd on your feet and have to yell to the world “I know more!”. Blogging allows you to create your own distinct place on the internet where you can showcase your skills and expertise over the subject. You have more marketing and opportunities for yourself than any other conventional route.

With blogging you can create your own career as a freelancer, clients can easily get you as you have a resource, your blog, where your experience level can be found out with a look.

And why freelance, the blog itself can be a huge source of earning. You can have advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and even you can create your own products like books and courses and can make a living with a blog!

To know more about how you can turn your passion into money, check out my What I learned from Gary’s Crush it!

Paying back the Internet

People like me and you mostly learn from the internet. We are the self-learned people who have made themselves using the internet. People have worked so hard to create awesome content from the beginning of the age of internet to here. It is mostly the content on social media and blog posts that made us aware of a lot of things, that might have played an important role in what we are today.

Hence while blogging, I feel like I am doing the same for the upcoming future generation of internet. Who knows, maybe one of my articles, might motivate one of the future internet surfers to do something great? I would feel so proud to feel the effect of this power of legacy. I was introduced to blogging from some blog post years ago. And now, I am helping others to find out the same!

A blessing for Introverts

If you are introvert, like me, the internet can be like a paradise for you.

See on the internet, nobody is going to judge. Its the pool of stuff. And there is no life or death for survival. Whatever kinda person may be in his personal life, but when he opens his browser, he has no prejudice to judge any content. What he is looking for is to have his problem solved.

An introvert becomes such because due to fate or circumstanced he is never given enough space to express himself, which also makes him unwilling to explore himself.

There comes a blog handy. As everybody has some interest, say about books. Then you can start a blog right away. Where you can write reviews about the books and can share what you have learned from them. About your favorite authors, your summaries.

And will have to explore your inner self to make such a content. Even if it is words, they need your own expression.

And why only words, you will also do social media, tweets, covers, graphics and images and a lot of other things to drive traffic which will make you behave like an artist. And art is impossible without expressing self.

Blogging makes you know more about yourself than your parents actually.

Expression of freedom

This is the aspect of freedom which always pulls me to it whenever I lose interest.

The essence of blogging is all about freedom. Freedom to share and learn the knowledge about anything, where you are free to choose the subject and the source. Freedom to decide what to build and how to build.

After all, it’s your own blog. You own it.

It gives you flexibility and creativity to think beyond what’s already you know or what’s there already on the internet.

And that is what makes the potential of blogging unlimited. Not only it will improve your skills on the subject you are blogging about, and not only you will be becoming an expert in your field, but also you will be able to find new ways to provide service and help others, finding new ways to make money and work opportunity. Finding flaws in the current ways and building new ways as you do.

Because it’s fun!

Sometimes, for something, you don’t need reasons. some people who have developed their natural instincts of creativity, who have natural instincts to teach or help, those who cannot keep their mouth shut, they might experience their blog love at first sight ♥!

So these were my picks that I think why blogging is so wonderful. Do you have anything to tell? Be sure to comment it! Stay connected :)

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