DOS games anywhere ? How to install DOSBOX ?

PUBLISHED May 23rd, 2015

Retro Gaming isn’t dead yet. Even DOS can be emulated to play your favorite games!

Most of us have played great games like Prince Of Persia and had run great apps like Turbo C++ on DOS ? They worked so good till Windows 98. After it, No full Screen in XP and then incompatible with Windows 7 and 8. Is this the end of these DOS apps ? NO ! We can use them even today but How ? Lets discussSome basic DOS commands will be required but if you are not familiar with them, I have already written them at the end of the post.


Proving, its incompatible:

I got Prince Of Persia 2 from “here”. Its zipped, So I extracted. And started PRINCE.exe in the Prince 2 Folder. It first warns about full Screen, on ignoring, it stops !

Installing a Dos Emulator:

I prefer DosBox. Its available on most of the OS. Go to its home page “here”. Then click on the “Download” tab. then select your OS. For me its Windows. Click on it and it will automatically starts downloading from Sourceforge.

DOSBOX download site

Installing is more easier. Click “Next” till installation is complete !!!

Setting it Up:

I got the Application on my desktop, Start menu but its in C:\Program Files\DosBox-0.74\ .

Run it, Crazy huh ? But its the Actual MS DOS running !

DOS emulated on DOSBOX

It shows a drive Z: which is emulated and yet it cannot connect with your hard drive data. So will do one more thing.

Make a new folder in C: drive as C:\DOSapps. All the things that we would like to play on DOS will be stored here. Now copy and paste the Prince 2 folder inside this. Also rename it as prince2. I mean remove the space. Space between names of folders create problems

Restart the DosBox application. Think about your dream drive letter ! Let its S: .

Enter the following command in the shell.


It will say

**Drive S is mounted as local directory C:/DOSapps\**

Actually We have made our folder DOSapps to act as a hard drive for our Dos Emulator as S: drive. Now Change the drive with command S: Go to the folder as cd prince2 And run: prince It works ! Press ALT+Enter to go Full Screen. I still use Start Menu key to come back to normal mode !


Download the aDosBox app here. Install it. Do the same steps as taken above using any file manager like ES File Explorer. Its more easy. Start it and simply press OK. You can set all the settings and other things from Options > SDL Settings. You can also have on-screen keyboard from Options > OnScreen Keyboard. The fun part is that you have an on screen JoyPad So its easier to play games here.

I did nothing but simply unzipped the same game on my SD Card. Then I started the app, Option > SDL Settings > Where to download application data and select the directory or SD card. It will automatically mounted. Now same, cd prince2 then prince.exe and it works.


…And you can play your favorite apps Happily !!!

Some Dos Commands For Newbies :

  • “(drive letter) :” Will take you too that drive. For example S: take us to S drive.

  • “MOUNT (drive letter) _(folder to be mount)” _It will mount the folder as the drive. For example MOUNT S C:\DOSapps mounts the DOSapps folder as S drive

  • “CD _(folder name) ” _It will take you to the folder in the current directory. For example cd Prince2 will take you to the prince2 folder.

  • “DIR” : It shows the list of contents in the current folder. Try yourself dir while in prince2 folder.

  • “CD..” : It will take you to one directory up. For example while being in prince2 folder on writing cd.. you will come back to DosApps folder

Thanks for reading. If you are getting any trouble, just comment it below 🙂

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