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PUBLISHED Feb 11th, 2016

That’s how I moved from blogger to self hosted WordPress !

That’s how I moved from blogger to self hosted WordPress !

Hello I everyone. It’s a long time I am writing something new. But you can see the site got a newer look. I was busy in setting up this one. Isn’t it good ? I think it took me over two months to complete this site ! Yes, I am lazy. But the real mistakes are more than personal one. Let us discuss the why I shifted from blogger to WordPress, My experience that may help you at your beginning.

In the beginning …

When I started blogging, as all the other beginners do, I too started with blogger. Blogger is light, easy, and the most important it’s free for everything so it’s the obvious choice for any beginner. The things go wrong once you become a little confident. The first problem I met was the “” domain. This really brings an unprofessional reputation as because of its simplicity and zero costs, blogger has a huge number which are actually doing nothing and spoiling the image of “” domain ! Well I already bought my domain so this was not a big problem.

Second thing was the lack of themes and plugins. Blogger’s simplicity really becomes a negative point here as it is not advanced enough to play with heavy themes and the stuffs like custom plugins. These plugins are necessary to make your blogging life more productive. The Search Engine Ranking (SEO) with blogger has the biggest misconception ! I found many times Google ranks blogs at blogger better, it seems logically correct to me too as blogger is made by Google so it should give a preference to its own products but that’s completely wrong ! Google do no discrimination and cares about what the people searching for and so it doesn’t matter where is your blog being hosted.

But Google is finding and closing down the blogs at blogger which are not agreeing on Google’s policies. It sound legal but I found many people over the net, their blogs were closed for some insane reasons and on complain they unlocked it. But why be threatened ? It seems like Google is having the final control over your blog.

And the last trouble is that Google is not supporting and upgrading its own old products. Orkut is the best example, blogger will become soon. Specially, compare the apps of WordPress and blogger, you can do nothing productive with that app.

The thing is simple, as the blog grows, all need more features and hence they have to move somewhere else.

Hello WordPress !

I have already told you that WordPress.Org is the best choice but it will require money. So I bought a shared hosting and put my domain there and installed WordPress, and got amazed seeing the stuffs impossible under blogger ! Specially the cool plugins and beautiful themes all available under a single roof !

But as it is advanced, it is complex, and it tool me a week to read out and learn about the stuffs of WordPress I was not familiar with. You won’t believe I installed and removed WordPress 5 times !

Finally everything got set and now the time was to move the blogs from blogger to WordPress. This is the biggest mess I have ever gone with !!! Frankly speaking, there is not a single correct tool which could help me the way I wanted to move from blogger to WordPress. There was only one option and that was doing it manually ! -_- !

So the first thing I did was that I redirected my blogger completely to my self hosted one. But then redirecting each single link is a huge pain, so I simply redirected everything to the home page ! Also there was not so enough content on the self hosted one so it didn’t matter much !

Then I wrote each of single post, I mean edited it again, and posted it again here. Well there was a good option that I could really change the dates of the posts so I added the real dates of my old posts.

It took a long time, I edited and reposted and shared again all the stuffs which I had already done. Specially, the redirection problem is still a issue for me, but that involves my laziness too, will solve that soon !

I am strongly suggesting everyone that if you are serious about blogging, DO NOT START WITH BLOGGER !

Now that the site is looking a nice and having all the old content, I will soon start adding new stuff ! Also, our Newbie Programmer Series is about completion and the e-book is going to be released soon ! So stay connected !

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