Making that Jump! Welcome back to my blog

PUBLISHED Aug 4th, 2018

Hi, I’m Shubham! Welcome back to the first post of this blog.

Making that Jump! Welcome back to my blog

Yep, I used that ‘back’ on purpose. Let me tell you the whole story.

Who am I?

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time reading this long post here.

I am no professional or expert and never would I wanted to become either. I consider my self simply as a human being who is kept inspired enough by the world so that he can rise above his issues. The only thing extra I have is that since I have raised up with some of my problems, I want to connect with people like me, to help them, also learning how they managed things up. Learn more about me here.

Why this blog?

I actually started blogging back in 2014, mixing up my love of technology and writing, I actually intended writing a tech blog. But then I got serious about technology, so made separate sites for those, while this blog remained empty. So I consider giving it a Reboot.

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. - Ray Bradbury

It was the February of this year I got very sick. Was almost on my bed for the month. Can’t do anything but think. There I understood the point of happiness. I mean, why do we keep self-destructing ourself? Before that moment, I was so negative that being stoic was like my religion already. I was like, what worse can happen than I can consider? There is nowhere to go but up now! And after that, I started raising myself instead

Documenting the Journey

Seems like I got my inspiration back again after understanding the point of Gary Vee’s “Document vs Create”. Actually, I read a lot of books. A lot of self-help, motivation, psychology, and philosophy stuff. And I can just talk about these the whole day. So I thought, why don’t I share on the internet how am I improving myself and my life. Documenting my own personal journey of knowing self?

I was already documenting my views on my Instagram account, check it out here. From the first post to the latest one, it’s captions and the pics are documenting views on the philosophy of life as I was trying to learn it in the context of the beautiful Nature Pics that I shoot. Please check out those captions. I am sure you would love them.

Life is indeed this cycle. It rises with light of hope to walk on the road to destiny. With the optimism to jump each hurdle. With the brightness of self that shines. And then it sets. At a moment where you can no longer move. Where you can no longer see the path. Where you can no longer aware of your surroundings. But do you see? Those little tiny stars twinkling? The tiny little things you achieved and are happy of. The tiny little dreams that you want to hope for. They can't be seen in light. Isn't that beautiful? Because it's set, you are sitting still to see these stars. Because it's set, you can check your path. Because it's set, you can see so far and enjoy the beauty of these little things. Still thinking it's set and its bad and sad? And then, you brace yourself. You hold yourself. And rise again. From beneath, back to the top. Back to the path. And now with the peace and belief of these little things that makes you proud of who you are. Shining so bright, enlightening everyone, everything.

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So here I made the jump

For the reason that I have gone through a lot of transformation. From a night owl introvert stuck with stammering locked in the rooms the whole days, to my current self who has raised over all the personal issues and ready to share his words with the world. Hence, just as some wisdom helped me getting over my issues, in this blog I want to write about them. As I have already consumed so much content about self-improvement stuff, I might help it with you, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. So I decided to give it a reboot, and start writing again.

A blog for everyone!

I am always busy building Niche websites. Because there the market is. But this time I am not going to write for any particular stuff. I would be sharing the common stuff. The to-the-ground, base-level stuff. Which is what everyone face, which keeps all of us connected, keeps us human and equal. So that I would be writing for everybody.

It’s all about getting closer to the self.

Let me be transparent about the direction of this blog. As this blog matures, I am thinking to do these things:

  • Expressing myself through writing, sharing my experience (how naïve).
  • Sharing the summaries and context of the books I am reading.
  • Day-to-day hobby tricks, like photography, tech, geek stuff you know!
  • Covering philosophy behind the literary works, even animes!
  • Writing a book that would summaries and helps with self-improvement essentials.

I will try my best to have an active social presence, be sure to follow me, to receive the latest updates. Also please feel free to contact me, on these social accounts, like Instagram or Quora, or the best, commenting on the posts so that it would be easy to share your ideas with me, problems with me and I will try my best to suggest some ideas (not a guru, but I read books!).

It’s the habit and regularity that I would need to keep this blog updated, which will not be possible without your support, let’s keep motivating each other! :-D stay connected! See you!

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