Three components of SEO

PUBLISHED Jul 14th, 2018

While working on search engine optimization for a website, there are three main parts of a website to consider.

  1. Mobile Optimisation
  2. Speed
  3. Meta Content (actual SEO)

Mobile Optimisation

A site should look cool on mobile! After all, we don’t boot PC to search a term. Mobiles are preferred first and will be used more. If a site fails to provide a good mobile experience, it will lose its users.

Terms like making a site responsive are due to this. When a site is responsive, it adjusts itself according to the size of the device and the needs of the browser, giving a constant User Experience.


This one is obvious. Why we use mobiles is because to save time. While developing the site, care needs to be taken that the site is fast enough. Google says its ‘3 seconds’, after which user switch to another page.

So if a website is using too many resources while loading and fails to show up before 3 seconds, it is sure going to lose its viewers.


A webpage itself has to announce to the search engine what is it about. The meta tags of a webpage, and then the way the page is handled, will tell the search engine the information it is about.

When people will search online, if the information is found more similar than other pages, your page will be given preference on the list. So its always good to show properly what your page is about.

Let's have a try

There is a wonderful website,

Varvy SEO tool
Varvy SEO tool

Here you have the three components right there. SEO Speed, and Mobile. Select a one and enter your favorite website, click on the test to see the results.

Try to analyze the results to see how well is it handling Google’s Guidelines for Search Engine Optimisation.

In the upcoming posts, we will discover some more tools to study and analyze SEO online. Meanwhile, have fun learning programming from zero!

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