Creating your first HTML webpage

PUBLISHED Jul 15th, 2018

HTML is the language of the internet. Its called Hyper Text Markup Language, invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Yep, the same guy who invented www, the world wide web.

Its a very easy language to learn, and a very easy language to setup. With the end of this article, you will able to make a basic HTML page.

We had a nice introduction in the last article here. So let us get into action directly!

The process of creating an HTML file is simple as follows.

  1. Choose a text editor.
  2. Write your HTML code, save the file under .html extension.
  3. Open the file with a web browser like chrome.

Let’s do this stepwise.

Choosing a text editor.

For HTML, there is not much headache. So you can use any text editor you want. Even Window’s Notepad is just as fine.

Other good options include Notepad++ it’s free and doesn’t irritate much.

Write the HTML

So as you have your text editor open now, write something like this.

HTML code in Notepad
HTML code in Notepad

This is the HTML source code of our first webpage.

Now there is a very important step. You have to save this file as filename.html. That is, it must have a .html extension.

Saving with .html extension
Saving with .html extension

Go to File > Save As…. Select the directory you want to save it, enter a name for your HTML file, along with html extension, and then select Save as type: with All files. Now click Save and your file is ready!

Running your Web page

This one is easy. As you have saved the file, open it with your favorite web browser. Like Chrome or Firefox.

Opening HTML file
Opening HTML file

After you open, it should look like this, which is what the internet browser interpreted our HTML file as.

HTML file in chrome
HTML file in chrome

And here it is…


Here you have created your first webpage! How does it feel?

Understanding the HTML

Let us understand what is happening with the HTML Source Code.

HTML works with tags. That’s why it is called as Markup Language as we mark things up.

Everything in HTML is a tag, it has an opening tag and a closing tag.

The below image will guide you how our tags got interpreted. Try to match the tags with their corresponding results.

Creating your first HTML webpage
Creating your first HTML webpage

There can be tags within tags, parent tags, and child tags, it’s just like highlighting. Each information about your webpage is enclosed in tags.

Learning HTML is all about learning the usage of these tags properly.

In the upcoming articles, we will first learn about the elementary HTML tags, moving to each one to actually design a rather useful webpage.

So stay connected. Meanwhile, try experimenting with the above code, see what errors you get, as we are going to discuss a lot in the next article.

Until then, keep on learning programming from zero at

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