Dokkodo: The way of walking alone – Part 1

PUBLISHED Sep 25th, 2018

Miyamoto Musashi is one of the greatest ideals I can literally worship for. Not only an unbeatable skilled warrior but also a distinguished philosopher and author. Having a great wide view on the life and the way to live, Musashi is known for his work “The book of five rings”, which is something that every warrior should read, whether you are fighting for life, business or self. Talking about his life would take a whole book, writing a blog post is a disrespect for his legend.

Dokkodo: The way of walking alone – Part 1

Dokkodo, as a small summary, contains everything about Musashi’s life, philosophy, his will, and his views.

The 21 precepts of Dokkodo (1 to 10)

Below I am trying to explain Dokkodo, with extra details as necessary. Completely my own explanation, I here restrict any kind of republication and copying without permission.

1. Accept stuff the way it is

The world we live in is something not totally under our control, things happen and we cannot go mad at them, taking them practically, accept everything just the way it is.

2. Never seek pleasure for its own sake

Living a life for pleasure, for its own sake, is something to avoid. Our life is lead by the way our accumulations and awareness taken in by our senses. Too much pleasures dulls the senses, we must be solid and lead a life for a purpose, not for pleasure.

3. Never depend on any partial feeling

Always be a winner in mind, then be the winner in reality. Never ever depend on any temporary emotions or accomplishments. Do not take decisions based on incomplete assessment, on improper feelings. The incomplete actions produce incomplete outcomes.

4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world

The world is full of selfishness and fraud. And people are smart enough to know what is what. In the end, the truth always comes up. So for you to always be at the top, always be genuine and true to yourself. Be what you are and don’t think much about self, instead, you must think how you as an individual and contribute to the world, because this world needs you more than you need yourself.

5. Always be detached from desires

In any journey, it is the path that is to be enjoyed, not the destination. So for your whole life, enjoy the life, not the accomplishments. Always be detached from the desires, being attached to desire is like a keeping self into a self-made prison. And without desires, you can think of bigger goals, and can always stay connected.

6. Never regret your own doings

As said in the percept 1, in life, things happen, taking things as they are, sometimes, there are some wrong decisions and things we do that cannot be undone. But, we should take them to the way they are and move on. Never regret what happened. This reduces our ability to act certainly in every field. Instead of regretting, learn the lessons and move on.

7. Never be jealous

Your life becomes ugly the moment you start comparing. Any kind of jealousy is a poison. Jealousy comes because you wanted something, something of strong desire, but you were not able to achieve, and so jealousy is a mark of your failure. It only causes anger and frustration. Instead of being jealous by comparing yourself to others, try to be curious with self. What you can do, what your limits and possibilities are, but never compare with others.

Be curious of what you can, not jealous of what others have.

8. Never be saddened by separations and loses

Nothing in life matter. And nobody cares. You have to be like the wind. Come forth, act, and leave. Never attach yourself to the stuff. Because stuff doesn’t matter.  Whether things leave you or you leave them, never let the separation make you sad. Never attach yourself to things, because it is certain that the things will fall, and it should never let you fall too.

9. Do not criticize or complain

Never complain. Complains and criticisms are simply negative energies which lead to nowhere but makes the world and life more complicated and difficult. If you really have something within, be the actor and try to change what you see as wrong. As it was said to accept things you cannot change, instead of complaining, change the things you cannot accept.

10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love

Having lust or feelings as the guide of your life is the worst thing a person in the journey of life can do. Things of lust, providing addictive feelings of temporary happiness will only distract you. Instead, take your soul as your guide, the belief in what is real, not what is lustful.

11 to 21, to be continued in the next part!

I know there are 21 percepts, but this post is going too big. So I will write a second part containing the remaining percepts. So wait for the part 2. Also for more philosophy updates, meet me at Instagram @ramdeoshubham.

Let us meet in part 2, stay connected.

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